Apple has a hugely successful quarter — their best ever — and all people can say is “yeah but iPad sales are down”.

Apple sold 12.3 million iPads this quarter and made $5.3 billion. That’s just iPads. That’s what Hermes, Coach, Charles Schwab and Wynn Resorts each make ANNUALLY. Would you consider any of those brands to be failing?

But Apple “has a problem” because iPad sales are down? You’re kidding, right?

Apple does not need to be the biggest of anything to be the best. No company does. But that’s what Wall Street wants because it’s good for Wall Street. So don’t confuse “best in class” with “beating the analysts expectations”. It’s a no win game.


For those of you keeping score at home, I doubt you’ll find many 75 ft long completely cantilevered 2nd floors. And the hardwood ceiling finish will continue from the inside through the glass walls to the outside. If, that is, we ever finish the damn thing. (at Applestock)

Have #pumpkins ever been so popular? From lattes to beer to entrees to jack o’lanterns, it’s enough to make #kale jealous. (at Abingdon Square)

A great dinner at Union Square Cafe tonight… an eternal fav haunt of mine. One with personal history and only fond memories. And so great to share it with Steph, Doug and Susan (who just turned 49) for a dual birthday celebration.

For someone (me) who keeps whining about how much he hates birthdays, I certainly managed to stretch this one (albeit unwillingly) into a 3 week lollapalooza. So lets all agree that tonight was a lovely cap to this meaningless revolution around the sun and promptly start a diet. Or open a bottle of red. Yep, definitely one or the other.

A democratic society places an extraordinary intellectual responsibility on ordinary men and women. We are governed by our opinions. So the quality of our opinions determines the character of our society. In an open society, a thoughtless citizen of a democracy is a delinquent citizen.
Leon Wieseltier, New Republic
Anyone can be a naturalist. It’s easy: love nature, enjoy watching it and be inquisitive about what you learn.

A rare example of #Brutalist #architecture in #NYC. A high security, 550 ft tall, 30 story (each floor is 18 ft high and carries 300 lbs/sq ft), windowless, nuke proof data/switch center in #TriBecCa. The only openings are air vents. No one really knows what goes on inside. #SciFi meets reality. (at 33 Thomas Street)

Our new home defense system came in the form of a birthday gift. Apparently these are the batteries. (at victor’s kookoo birthday party extravaganza)

A classic #Catskills vista off John Joy Road in #WoodstockNY. (at Thorn Preserve)

Peace at last. (at victor’s kookoo birthday party extravaganza)

Larry Ellison, a founder of the Silicon Valley giant Oracle and the fifth-richest man in the world, has bought 97% of the Hawaiian island of Lana’i.

That’s a lot of land, but it’s a tiny part of Ellison’s overall empire. Ellison is estimated to be worth $46 billion. He made an estimated $78.4 million last year (that’s about $38,000/hour). He owns a tremendous amount of stuff — cars, boats, real estate, Japanese antiquities, the BPN Paribas Open tennis tournament, an America’s Cup sailing team, one of Bono’s guitars — and has a reputation for intensity and excess. Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported that when Ellison has played basketball on the courts on his yachts, he has positioned “someone in a powerboat following the yacht to retrieve balls that go overboard.” One biographer called him “a modern-day Genghis Khan.”

— New York Times, Sept 2014

Congrats to my long time friend John @hooligan4720 Dunleavy and his new bride. A beautiful night in Soho. And a very #Guggenheim cake. (at Kiki de Montparnasse)

Stephy outside of 75 Greene.

@kantrow and I in our natural habitat. And who doesn’t love a mirrored ceiling? (at Ai Fiori)

Russian Standard Vodka, up, with #amazing olives. Yes please. (at Ai Fiori)