Maya meets a horse for the first time. Separated at birth?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… this clock was a weekly part of my life.

In the early 90’s when The Coffee Shop opened on Union Square in NYC, my friend Kevin and I were Thursday night fixtures from the start. We would show up at 8pm, shake hands with the two bouncers, skip the line, grab a seat at that awesome zig-zag bar, and order a shot and a beer. And the model bartender would keep ‘em coming until one of us looked up at the “diamond clock” and couldn’t read the numbers. The clock usually got blurry around 11pm, at which point we’d skip out to a dance club in search of girls. But 9 out of 10 times we’d end the night at 4am with a dripping cheeseburger in our hands at Corner Bistro… paid for with the last $5 we had. That usually meant walking home. Considering I was on 75th & West End Ave back then, that meant 60 blocks.

Ah, the good ole days. Diamonds indeed.

We walk the earth and rarely notice what we’re stepping on. This beautiful 3” x 3” piece if art is just a few feet from our construction site and an 80 ft crane.

It’s takes a lot of nuts to build a modernist house. Preferably not rusty ones.

While we were installing steel in our modernist house earlier this week, about 3000 male #frogs where busy “installing” something else 50 ft way in our mountain pond. Early April is #amphibian mating season in #NY and they were on it.

Does it mean something if the crane isn’t touching the ground? Maybe we ordered too much steel?

Just 3 #steel workers and a crane operator set 20+ beams in our house this week. Some were 20 ft off the ground (and 40 ft from bottom of our rear rock cliff).

Over 20 huge #steel beams and columns were set on site this week with an 80 ft crane. That clears the way to wood framing the 2nd floor and roof without delay. Let’s do this thing.

2nd floor steel was installed yesterday on our “seemingly never to be completed” modernist mountain house. But it is exciting nonetheless.

That would be Nani Roof’s khaki kicks clickin’ around SoHo House today.

Love #AlHirschfeld. Nothing like him. #illustration

The old lady still stands proud. In 2001, at 70, she didn’t even flinch when asked to represent the city again. Just ironed her gown, sewed on a few missing sequins, and smiled. Now, as we prepare a new showman for NYC, she will, as gracefully as ever, cede the spotlight yet again. Empire State indeed. #ESB

Cryolophosaurus study by #AlainBeneteau.

Concavenator corcovatus by #AlainBeneteau. #dinosaurs

Bicentenaria argentina by #AlainBeneteau. #dinosaurs