Our new home defense system came in the form of a birthday gift. Apparently these are the batteries. (at victor’s kookoo birthday party extravaganza)

A classic #Catskills vista off John Joy Road in #WoodstockNY. (at Thorn Preserve)

Peace at last. (at victor’s kookoo birthday party extravaganza)

Larry Ellison, a founder of the Silicon Valley giant Oracle and the fifth-richest man in the world, has bought 97% of the Hawaiian island of Lana’i.

That’s a lot of land, but it’s a tiny part of Ellison’s overall empire. Ellison is estimated to be worth $46 billion. He made an estimated $78.4 million last year (that’s about $38,000/hour). He owns a tremendous amount of stuff — cars, boats, real estate, Japanese antiquities, the BPN Paribas Open tennis tournament, an America’s Cup sailing team, one of Bono’s guitars — and has a reputation for intensity and excess. Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported that when Ellison has played basketball on the courts on his yachts, he has positioned “someone in a powerboat following the yacht to retrieve balls that go overboard.” One biographer called him “a modern-day Genghis Khan.”

— New York Times, Sept 2014

Congrats to my long time friend John @hooligan4720 Dunleavy and his new bride. A beautiful night in Soho. And a very #Guggenheim cake. (at Kiki de Montparnasse)

Stephy outside of 75 Greene.

@kantrow and I in our natural habitat. And who doesn’t love a mirrored ceiling? (at Ai Fiori)

Russian Standard Vodka, up, with #amazing olives. Yes please. (at Ai Fiori)

A beautiful evening for a walk home from #TriBecCa.

Stars & stripes at #CocoFarm. (at Coco Farm)

Maybe one day I’ll leave this neighborhood. But for 20+ years and the foreseeable future it remains my home. #WestVillage

Maya surveys the beautiful sunset and a potential Canadian Goose dinner. #greyhound

A beautiful day on the beach. Love these dunes. (at Napeague Beach)

Today there were thousands of artificial breast implants washing up on the beach. That, or they were #jellyfish. It’s definitely one or the other. (at Napeague Beach)

Maisey Goodwin does whatever she likes. All 9000 lbs of her. #bullmastiff (at Lido Deck)