A beautiful evening for a walk home from #TriBecCa.

Stars & stripes at #CocoFarm. (at Coco Farm)

Maybe one day I’ll leave this neighborhood. But for 20+ years and the foreseeable future it remains my home. #WestVillage

Maya surveys the beautiful sunset and a potential Canadian Goose dinner. #greyhound

A beautiful day on the beach. Love these dunes. (at Napeague Beach)

Today there were thousands of artificial breast implants washing up on the beach. That, or they were #jellyfish. It’s definitely one or the other. (at Napeague Beach)

Maisey Goodwin does whatever she likes. All 9000 lbs of her. #bullmastiff (at Lido Deck)

Few things are more care free than painted shells. (at Lido Deck)

Beach. Maya. Coffee. Three of my favorite things. (at Lido Deck)

The night sky looking E-NE from #Napeague in the #Hamptons. It’s just a 30 sec exposure on an iPhone, but look at all those stars. Amazing.

An open letter to Apple.

Dear Apple,

Thanks for announcing something new is coming on Sept 9th. I’m sure it’ll be, like always, iGreat.

Sure, we’d all like an iPhoneBig or iWristThing (I refuse to say “wearable”). But while that’s all well and good, I was hoping you’d fix a problem we know we have vs one we don’t know we have until you enlighten us to what we’ve been missing.

It’s simple. What we NEED is a holistic iHomeMusicSystem. It’s near impossible to identify, set up and oprate a sexy yet affordable multi-room wireless sound system — which considering the state of advanced technology in 2014, is ridiculous. You changed our music buying habits (iTunes) and mobile use (iPod) but never helped us on the couch. Sonos is the only viable game, but it’s speakers are ugly (and too expensive) and the whole system is too pricey for anything bigger than a NYC loft.

So please, do us a solid. Either buy @Sonos and make it better (preferably), or beat them at their (I mean your) game.

Maybe it’s time to get reacquainted with my #camera collection — starting with this once upon a time fav: my 8mm #Bolex triple turret #D8L.


It’s time to deal with stairs.

There are lots of ways the build out stairs in a modern house. For our part, budget aside, we will exclude super modern “floating” treads and boring traditional steps and concentrate on options in between. But that doesn’t help much. Which is where budget comes in.

So we need to decide (now) whether we are going to pass on this decision by simply putting in basic (cheap) stairs and ripping them out in a year or two (once we have completed other more critical areas) and replacing them with our dream stairs, or, trying to afford an in-budget style now that we will love longterm.

If we choose the latter, then our choices are (a) modern/contemporary wood framed stairs, (b) straight/curved/zigzag steel stairs made in the US, (c) curved steel stairs made overseas, or (d) reclaimed/industrial stairs that we tweak and make work.

The difference between (c) vs (b) is about 80%. Significant. And (d) would be awesome but it takes a lot of time to find them.

Workin’ on it. Stay tuned.

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Beauty on Broome. They sure don’t make like that anymore. #manhattan #soho #nyc

Random urban patterns. Broome & Wooster (approx).